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EVALUTION® leverages high quality analytical performance from conventional immunodiagnostic approaches with the unique capability to quantify and monitor binding reactions in real-time. This provides the user with novel, timely and hence highly actionable information.

In the spotlight

MyCartis has made significant progress in the development of a fast (<30min) immunoassay to objectively assess the fitness of a donor organ during perfusion as well as predict the post-surgery acceptance and survival. This is the first time that an assay meets the required analytical performance criteria required in this emerging field and is ideally suited for repeat (interval) testing during the organ perfusion process. These assay characteristics are made possible through a combination of DMAT® features as well as unique Evalution® platform concepts. When implemented, the transplant surgeon would get timely insight on the organ fitness and gain confidence in the successful outcome of this life-saving procedure.

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Making the difference

Evalution® brings significant added value in following domains

Emergency diagnostics

Evalution® runs fast immunoassay panels consisting of biomarkers of highly variable concentration

Patient & therapy monitoring

Evalution® can measure highly variable biomarker panels real-time

More effective immune monitoring

Evalution® is the first solution able to qualify [how strong, how fast] an immune response directly from a clinical sample, on top of the current practice of quantification [how much] and specification [how specific].”

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MyCartis offers an open platform approach allowing partners to co-develop assays or port existing assay products on the platform. MyCartis also supports an OEM approach (DMAT® technology inside) in which case MyCartis’ technology is integrated in partner’s existing or new instruments.